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We have always prided ourselves on healthy meals and exceptional service at a reasonable price, and have always been known to give hugs & kisses to customers, thanking them for their continued support.

A very special thank you to all our AMAZING customers who donated to the "go fund me" account for our employees.

Sandra and Marcela have gifts certificates waiting for you at the register in the amount of your donation. It is their way of saying thank you so much for all your support during these hard times. It is very much appreciated ❤
For all our customers who donated anonymously. Thank you so much for your generosity it has not gone unnoticed


The Cafe Poca Cosa was started in the mid 80’s by Suzanna Davila and her father Luis Davila. The restaurant occupied a miniscule space on Scott Ave. nestled between Broadway Blvd. and Congress Street, next door to what was at the time, the Federal courthouse. Suzanna very quickly moved on to bigger and better things and moved into what was then the Santa Rita Hotel, catty corner to the original location. Her father, Luis Davila continued on in the little space on Scott Ave, dancing with customers and walking them through the kitchen, for several years with his daughters Sandra & Marcela until the building was demolished...


An amazing place, everybody gets a hug. Music is loud, they like it that way. sandy remembers us when only in once a year (many years)for breakfast. Besides a very good menu they support many local charities. Need to get back for lunch sometime. Menu looks great. Almost forgot food and presentation is exceptional.

- Corey S

The owner is the most welcoming, kind person. She is so giving and caring and really makes you feel at home. Kids are treated with a lot of love here too. I love that they serve their food next to a fresh green salad or fresh fruit.

- Denise G

One of the best dining experiences I've had in my first two weeks in Tucson. The service was above and beyond friendly and on point. Lots of friendly conversations, sublime food, and a hug after paying. What more could you ever want. I adore this place after one visit .

- Justin W

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