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Due to the current circumstances we are not offering dine-in service. Please call and place your order over the phone for pick up or stop by and place an order to go.

We are doing our best to stay green. All "to go" items are packaged in recyclable or reusable  packaging, Unfortunately we cannot refill Tupperware containers at this time.


Served 10am - 2pm


served with beans, rice, corn tortillas, chips & salsa

  • Vegan Special of the Day - $10.50
  • Vegetarian Chile Relleno - $10.50

    A mild green Anaheim chile, stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese, lightly egg-battered & fried.
    Served with a mild red tomato based, “Salsa Ranchera”.

  • Vegetarian Green Corn Tamal - $10.50

    A wonderful blend of corn, cornmeal, soft cheese, and mild green chilies steamed to perfection in a corn husk.

  • Vegetarian Combination Plate - $15.00

    1 vegetarian green corn tamal & 1 vegetarian Chile relleno

Chicken $12.50
  • Pollo Ranchero

    Shredded chicken sautéed with mild green Anaheim chiles, tomatoes, potatoes, onion, garlic & cilantro.

  • Pollo en Mole Negro

    Shredded chicken sautéed with mild seasonings & left to simmer in a delicious blend of chocolate, mild red chiles, peanuts, sesame seeds & pumpkin seeds (plus a few other Davila secrets).

Beef $12.50
  • Barbacoa de Res

    Sirloin Tip, slow roasted and simmered in a wonderful blend of mild green chiles, tomatoes, onion, garlic & cilantro.

  • Carne en Chile Verde

    Sirloin Tip, slow roasted and simmered in a delightful mixture of Tomatillos and roasted Poblanos.

Pork $12.50
  • Cochinito en Chile Poblano Tatemado

    Tender pork simmered in a wonderful blend of green Poblano chiles, onions and tomatoes.

  • Cochinito en Crema de Chipotle

    Tender pork, slow roasted in a creamy, spicy, smoked Chipotle sauce.

$15.00 “The Plato” Surprise Plate

for the adventurous eater …
3 items from the kitchen... they choose, you don’t… & you can’t choose, so don’t ask

On The Ligher Side

  • Cajita Feliz & a Soda - $7.50
    make it a fresh juice for $1.00 more

    1 scoop of entree of your choice (excluding tamal & chile relleno) , served over 2 scoops of rice in a 16oz. box with chips & salsa

  • Sopita Feliz & a Soda - $7.50
    make it a fresh juice for $1.00 more

    16oz of chicken or beef, rice & veggie soup, chips & salsa
    (make it the soup special for $1.00 more)

  • Burrito & a Soda - $11.50
    make it a fresh juice for $1.00 more

    pick an entree, we’ll wrap it in a tortilla with beans & rice & give you salsa on the side

  • Vegetarian Caramelo & a soda - $8.50
    make it a fresh juice for $1.00 more

    2 flour tortilla quesadillas filled with whole pinto beans & salsa on the side
    (add beef, pork or chicken $3.00)

A La Carte

  • Individual Chips & Salsa


  • 1lb. bag of chips


  • Caldo de Pollo (Chicken Soup)

    $5.50 16oz. | $10.50 32oz.

  • Caldo de Res (Beef Soup)

    $5.50 16oz. | $10.50 32oz.

  • NEW* burrito... pick any entree
    (vegan option available)


  • Vegetarian Chile Relleno


  • Vegetarian Tamal


  • 2 Small Cheese Quesadillas on corn tortillas


  • Small Entree


  • Large Entree


  • Small Rice


  • Large Rice


  • Gigantic Rice


  • Small Beans


  • Large Beans


  • Gigantic Beans


Family Style

  • Pastel De Elote
    With the sauce of the day (feeds 6)


  • Half dozen tamales
    choose from vegetarian sweet green corn, and red chile beef


  • Meal for 4
    16oz each, any 2 entrees/32 oz. each beans & rice/tortillas, chips & salsa


  • Meal for 6
    16oz each, any 3 entrees/32 0z. each beans & rice/tortillas, chips & salsa


  • 8oz. salsa


  • 16oz. salsa


  • 32oz. salsa


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